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Devon Association of Smallholders

Jack Smellie and David Chidgey

Jack Smellie and David Chidgey run a 10-acre smallholding in North Devon and before that enjoyed the challenges of trying to be as self-sufficient as possible on just one acre in Cornwall. With a combined 40-plus years of teaching (primary, secondary, adult and teacher training) alongside their smallholding experiences, they are passionate about sharing all they know as well as continuing to learn for themselves. They keep Dexter cattle, Shetland and Badger Face sheep, Boer and Anglo Nubian goats, alpacas and pigs as well as a variety of poultry: Rheas, Muscovy ducks, West of England geese plus a mixture of chickens and turkeys. In addition they share their house with five dogs and two cats. Jack publishes a daily smallholding dairy (www.relaxedathome.org.uk) and she is also an avid photographer. She is also set up and manages the very popular Facebook group @CelebratingSmallholdingUK, where new and practised smallholders alike, share experiences and offer advice and support! David does all the growing and cooking (and often the washing-up too…). Between them they set up Relaxed Farming: Our Farm in your Classroom, a website designed to teach children all about livestock and where their food comes from: www.ourfarminyourclassroom.co.uk/home. You can contact them by email jack@relaxed.org.uk ‘Our Relaxed smallholding courses are delivered with passion, commitment and rigour, alongside a healthy dose of fun!’