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Devon Association of Smallholders

Objectives and Organisation of the Association

The Association encourages members to carry out their smallholding activities in an environmentally friendly way and to breed and grow their animals in an humane and caring way.

Many members partake in one of a number of environmental schemes and sell high quality products. Animal welfare is top priority.

Members normally meet in their local area groups, on training days or at events such as the Summer agricultural shows at many of which DASH has its own show stands giving members an opportunity to sell their own produce and poultry and to promote the Association. Members are entitled to attend any other group meeting. Look at the Notice Board to see what events are planned, or go to the Contact Us page to see details of your local group.

Members sell their products through a wide variety of outlets including Private Sales, Retail Boxes, Farm Gate Sales, Local Shops, Farmer's Markets and at Agricultural Shows. DASH membership provides an effective antidote to the problems of country living - rural isolation, a lack of information, advice and support.